Filao hôtel sakalava

Filao Eden Sakalava

Filao hôtel sakalava

Filao Eden Sakalava


Discover your Eden in Madagascar


Discover Antsiranana, better known as Diego Suarez and commonly called Diego, which is the most northerly town in Madagascar and its third largest port. During the colonial period, the town hosted a large French military presence: artillery, marines, the Foreign Legion... Many vestiges remain, giving the place a certain faded charm. Rue Colbert, the main artery, is the town's dynamic centre, housing several boutiques containing local crafts and clothing among other artefacts, in addition to hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs for that nocturnal ambiance. Bazary Kely, the "bush market", is a must-see: colorful and lively, it is infused with tropical scents and offers a taste of Indian, African and Arab flavours.


Ramena beach, situated some 15 minutes from the hotel, is home to a calm stretch of sea bordered by white sands; perfect for a spot of swimming or just kicking back and relaxing. Situated in the road to Diego Suarez, a few kilometres out of town sits the Montagne des Français. Accessible to all, its ascent will give you a window into the local flora and fauna, including the endemic baobab trees, while on reaching the summit you will be rewarded with an exceptional panorama of the entire bay.


Montage d'Ambre national park, situated 45km from Diego below Joffre Ville, formerly a place of relaxation for French soldiers on leave, is a tropical forest nature reserve. Home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to Madagascar, it offers luxuriant vegetation surrounded by waterfalls and populated by lemurs.


Situated at the entrance to Diego bay, the Emerald Sea is a lagoon of incomparable beauty: swimming, snorkeling, islets with white sandy beaches, clear waters, coral. Access is solely by boat and lunch is prepared by the team, consisting of freshly caught grilled fish, crab and coconut rice. Maybe best followed by a short siesta under the filao trees !


A 3¹/² hour walk leaving from Sakalava bay, this superb excursion will take you through the Baie des Pigeons, the Baie des Dunes and Cap Miné, ending in Ramena, where a vehicle will be waiting to bring you back to Sakalava; a paradise for kitesurfing and other water-based sliding sports. Magnificent coral-fringed bays, the 3 Bays will offer you - in addition to their white sands and turquoise waters where you can make the most of a relaxing swim during your walk - the possibility of seeing turtles and, depending on the season, witnessing whales jumping playfully and raising their calves from the vantage point of Cap Miné.